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Beyond Binary Thinking

Nov 24, 2018

An Interview with an ethno-nationalist, Alt-Right, Proud Boy for Episode 6 of Beyond Binary Thinking Interviews.

A philosopher, a psychologist, and an anthropologist try to have a nuanced and empathetic conversation with someone with very controversial views.

Oct 19, 2018

We hear more and more about the need to get more women in tech. More female founders, female funders, and more female panelists at events.

Is it a man's world?

Jess Houlgrave, founder of Codex Protocol and shEOS recently said in an interview with the Spectator that blockchain is  "an industry based on merit. It’s...

Oct 13, 2018

If you’ve ever met a vegan, you’ve probably heard the arguments about the problems with eating meat.

You’re also probably familiar the stereotype of vegans being anything but persuasive in their approach.

Why are vegans annoying?

We explore cognitive dissonance, the social psychology behind minorities more...

Aug 29, 2018

Will the AI revolution change the world as much as the industrial revolution? Who will benefit, which jobs will be made, and which will automation make extinct?


Is Universal Basic Income or Negative Income Tax the solution? Can technology help put the community back in society?


From time banks, to social credit,...

Aug 1, 2018

Education, Privatise, Standadize, Subsidise, and Specialised

Having an overly scripted and prescriptive syllabus on any course means that there is less room for teachers to adapt to the students, to add their own personal style to classes

Examples of teachers who have left the profession due to over-standardisation)