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Beyond Binary Thinking

Dec 18, 2023

Amateur Comedians Josh Balch, Beaux, and Chris Cooke discuss why comedy gets edgy and offensive, punching down vs up and what the woke mob gets wrong about it all. This is offensive and shouldn't be watched by anyone.

Nov 28, 2022

Jay and Lindy from @consciousnessinanutshell joined us and Brent Lengel to discuss consciousness, its alignment with instinct and the flow state, anxiety, depression, meditation, and consciousness enhancing drugs. Visit their website to learn more from this fascinating couple

Jun 12, 2022

1Dime and Sam Kangarloo dropped in to discuss the intersection of Modern Monetary Theory, Anarchism, and Marxism Follow 1Dime here for succinct analysis of fascinating topics

Apr 30, 2022

Putin single-handedly ended the discussion about Corona, as everyone started talking about much worse news. What lessons were learnt? What predictions were we right about? How does the world move forwards?

Psychological, Anthropological, Philosophical, Political, Controversial Talk Show

Apr 29, 2022

The Beyond Binary Crew jump on one of the only non-partisan issues of our day, and take on Putin's invasion and genocide in Ukraine.